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LG Optimus G officially unveiled - 1.5GHz quad-core monster

by Alistair Lowe on 28 August 2012, 11:00

Tags: LG Electronics (066570.KS)

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An early surprise folks, LG has officially announced its Optimus G superphone, before it had even finished delivering its staggered video teasers.

LG Optimus G

Without further ado, here are the specifications:

CPU Quad-Core Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 1.5GHz
GPU Adreno 320
Display 4.7in 1,280 x 768 True HD IPS+ and secondary 15:9 Stripe RGB IPS Panel
Camera 13-megapixel rear + flash, 1.3-megapixel front
Storage 32GB internal flash
Connectivity 4G LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, USB2.0 HS, A-GPS, MHL, DLNA, NFC
Battery 2,100mAh extended charge life
Dimensions 131.9 x 68.9 x 8.45 (mm)
Weight 145g
OS Android 4.0.4 ICS

Wowsers, what a list. Whilst we can't directly compare height and width with the GALAXY S III, as that device features a 4.8in display, it's interesting to note that the Optimus G is 0.15 millimetres thinner than the S III, though, with LG not favouring Samsung's light-plastic build philosophy, the device is 12 grams heavier, despite featuring a battery of equal capacity.

LG is claiming that, thanks to in-cell technology on the display, diffused reflections are removed, coupled with 470nitts of brightness, this makes for great outdoor viewing. Likewise, the display is capable of reproducing the full sRGB spectrum. It's quite possible we could be witnessing something that rivals or even surpasses the excellent display of the HTC One X.

The camera is an impressive 13-megapixels, perhaps bested only by Nokia's PureView devices. The sensor takes advantage of GPGPU acceleration on the Adreno 320 to handle the high megapixel count, whilst offering advanced facilities such as live zooming during video recording. LG is claiming that the Adreno 320 is over three times faster than the 225 found in standard Snapdragon S4 offerings, such as in the US edition of the GALAXY S III.

For more details on some of the technology in LG's superphone, head on over to our previous report. The smartphone market is really heating up now, just how will other firms respond?

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What are LG phones like for rooting/unlocking?

I'm still very happy with my HTC Desire (original) running ICS, but this looks pretty nice!

Might be bit large though.
Nice spec, not so sure about the visuals though - too “slabby” for my tastes. Fixed memory isn't so good in my book, and I'm guessing that there's a fixed battery too.

Quad S4 though - oooh, I bet that'll shift… :) Wouldn't mind that brighter screen on my S3 too. :(

Hopefully Apple will want to sue LG now - seeing as that appears to be the mark of a good device. :p
Looks like an iphone ;)
Its got a rectangle touch screen, Apple will be all over LG's legal team now.

What icons too, Dam it , will people please stop copying Apple.

On a serious note, the problem with LG is their software support or lack of it. No point releasing a high end
device if consumers have no faith in the support.
It actually looks a lot like my xperia s / the nxt generation of sony phones! Just without the light bar