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T-Mobile rolls out Froyo for HTC Desire

by Sarah Griffiths on 20 September 2010, 14:14

Tags: T-Mobile (NYSE:DT)

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T-Mobile has proved the rumour mills correct and released the Android 2.2 Froyo update for the HTC Desire, but some users have reported a minor setback...some of the apps are only in German.

According to a T-Mobile forum, HTC Desire owners on the network should receive the update direct to their phones in the coming weeks, but early adopters have reported a list of apps including Mobile TV and MyPhonebook that are in German.

One forum user wrote: "I do not speak German or have a account to use with these apps - why has T-Mobile UK pushed these out to my phone?"

He later wrote that after calling T-Mobile, he was told that they were aware of the problem and that he may have been sent the German update but will receive the UK update the next day. 

Consequently these early teething problems will presumably only affect a relatively small number of people. Meanwhile, users are not too happy having waited for the release while it was being tested by the phone company and then rubber stamped by Google. One forum user said: "Well done T-Mobile, I see all that comprehensive testing paid off !"

However, O2 and Vodafone customers with HTC Desire handsets who have already received the Froyo update also encountered problems with the O2 update reportedly crashing some users' phones and Vodafone sneaking a lot of branded space-sapping apps in with the Froyo update, which was less than popular.

Perhaps worryingly for T-Mobile, one forum user has posted: "Anyone else on the .de build getting really poor battery life now? Mine's been blooming awful since the update," but so far there have been no other reports of such a problem.

While HTC Desire owners may be satisified with the Froyo update when it does arrive in English, bringing full Flash support, faster performance and device tethering among other features to their phones, they may well have their beady eye on the new Desire HD which was unveiled last week.

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I would really like to know the full process these firmware updates go through before being pushed out to customers.

I've read communication between an Orange customer and HTC and the same customer and Orange. Orange said they are waiting for approval to push it out from HTC, HTC say they have no idea what Orange is speaking about. Then you have the line in that article about Google having to rubber stamp the firmware build for T-Mobile.

I'm guessing there are a bunch of hoops that all parties have put in place, probably for not a great deal of point. I would also suspect that the old procedures were fine for issuing the latest firmware for the likes of Nokia or SE feature phones, but haven't been overhauled to deal with the online media and online communities demands for new OS versions as soon as they are released.

I wouldn't be surprised if the software department in Orange (for example) is way understaffed and has to look after countless handsets and firmware updates for them. They would also have to prepare updates to training documents and technical support for the new features of the phone. Then there is probably needless internal bureaucracy, having to get things signed off etc.
To be honest in t-mobile defense they did a cracking job rolling out 2.1 for the pulse. Yes it took a little while but its completely bug free. Its only a minor problem anyway this for the desire imho, and I'm sure in a day or two it will be fixed. What I am interested in is who uses mobiletv and myphonebook anyway?
Think people need to give T-mobile some credit. Their push out was alot better than everyone else, minor issue that affected a very small amount and was corrected in 24 hours.