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Samsung Selects 7digital as Official Music Partner for Galaxy S II Smartphone

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Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain and London, UK, 14th February 2011 – 7digital, the leading digital media company, today announced the company is acting as Samsung’s official music download partner for the new Galaxy S II smartphone.

7digital will be the embedded digital music store on the Galaxy S II, allowing users to access 7digital’s 12 million strong catalogue of high quality MP3 tracks. The native Android application will be pre-installed on all Samsung Galaxy S II smartphones shipping to 30 countries including UK, US and Canada.

With the Android application, users can search for tracks, albums and artists and preview tracks before purchasing. Users can also discover new music through 7digital’s recommendation technology. Tracks and albums will be priced in a customer’s local currency, with prices mirroring those on 7digital.com.

7digital has been incorporated into the Galaxy S II using the 7digital API (application programming interface), which allows consumer electronics companies and developers to build and integrate bespoke digital music download stores into a range of devices and services. The music download application on Samsung’s existing Galaxy Tab device is powered using the 7digital API. 

Ben Drury, CEO 7digital comments, “The new Galaxy S II has been designed with entertainment at its core. The integration of 7digital makes discovering, previewing and purchasing high quality MP3 music simple and intuitive for users. In addition to providing access to the 7digital catalogue, users will also have access to our recommendation services, and can preview tracks before downloading direct to their mobile device.    

“We currently have largest international footprint of any digital music MP3 retailer, with a presence in the UK, US, Canada and throughout Europe. This made us an ideal partner for Samsung, as we are able to serve their large global customer base and provide access to the largest MP3 catalogue in the world.”