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QOTW: What would you like to see in iPhone 5?

by Tarinder Sandhu on 7 September 2012, 17:00

Tags: Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

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The invites have gone out, the Apple fanboys wait with bated breath, and there's the usual hubbub surrounding the event. We're talking about the September 12 unveil of the hotly-anticipated iPhone 5 smartphone, of course.

The newest member of the iPhone family is sure to be crammed full of features, but our QOTW is two-fold: what do you expect to see in the iPhone 5 and what would you like to see in the iPhone 5?

Making this a rather open-ended question, will the iPhone 5 give its biggest competitor, the Samsung Galaxy SIII, a good specification-slapping? All rants, rails, and passionate discourse welcome.

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How about a phone that doesn't shatter into a thousand pieces if it falls on anything denser than an eiderdown pillow?
My wishlist for iPhone 5 is:
1) nothing new
Q. What do you expect to see in the iPhone 5?

A. The smug reflection of the owner.
Samsung branding :)
Samsung splash screen.