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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel - PC

by Steven Williamson on 31 August 2007, 11:42

Tags: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, Koch Media, PC, RPG

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Two routes through main storyline

Games Convention 2007 Furthermore, two completely different routes to follow the story and to actively influence the world of Ancaria have been implemented. Characters may decide whether to follow the path of Light or the path of Shadow. Both sides are equally strong and they regard the world from alternative perspectives with opposing aims and quests. However, the Seraphim and her counterpart, the Inquisitor, are both fixed in their allegiance and cannot choose their paths as their basic alignment is always good and evil respectively. Thus, they will continue to fight according to their pre-determined heritage.

Players may choose their character class and, if selecting one of the Shadow Warrior, High Elf Adept, Dryad or Temple Guardian classes, the decision of whether to follow the Light or the Shadow becomes a choice of the player. The storyline of both sides will overlap at times: Quest givers and allies of one side may be targets or opponents on the other side. The non-player characters will also react accordingly and act depending on their alignment.

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The individualisation of the characters – especially in the multiplayer games – will increase the aspect of roleplaying. Players decide the development of their character; whether their preference lies with playing alone or in a group in order to gain experience, or perhaps the ultimate objective is to seek the challenge of fighting against other players. Even avatars of the same character class will vary greatly in appearance, alignment and abilities, depending on the individual preferences of the players. Sacred is not all change though – it remains true to itself and offers full single player and an enhanced multiplayer mode with the popular addictive gameplay style that remains rooted at the very core of the action.

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