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New Bust-A-Move bash details for Wii

by Steven Williamson on 13 November 2006, 00:59

Tags: Bust a Move, Majesco Games, Puzzle

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Majesco Entertainment Company's Bust-A-Move Bash!, is their first game for the Wii. Previously called Bust-A-Move Revolution, Bust-A-Move Bash! is scheduled to ship early next year and utilizes the unique interactivity of the Wii Remote to bring Bust-A-Move franchise fans a completely new way to experience its puzzle-based game play.

The addictive bubble-bursting mayhem characteristic of the series reaches an entirely new level when designed especially for the innovative Wii Remote, said Ken Gold, vice president of Marketing. Add the ability to have 8 people playing simultaneously and the mania is practically unlimited, not to mention exhilarating.

Bust-A-Move Bash! features 10 different characters, including franchise favorites Bub and Bob as well as many new additions. Players will experience a variety of game modes including:

* Puzzle Mode offers 500 levels across five different puzzle areas;
* Endless Mode a challenging test of bubble-bursting skill and endurance;
* Vs. Mode allows up to 8 players to go head-to-head simultaneously;
* Shooting Mode an all-new mode where bubbles come at players from all angles. To handle the non-stop assault, players can use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk Controller together.

In addition, a new Hyper option speeds up game play while the Slip feature allows players to connect fired bubbles to similar colors even though their aim may be off.

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