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Star Wars on Wii : Feel the force!

by Steven Williamson on 17 June 2006, 12:02

Tags: Star Wars Force Unleashed, LucasArts Entertainment, PS2, PSP, DS, Wii

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A long time ago in a development studio far far away, the Lucas Art’s team were dreaming up ways of bringing the Star Wars legacy to an audience of gamers.

Although there has been many titles that have tried to re-create the same epic effect of the movies, all have failed to truly capture the spirit and passion of a ‘real’ lightsaber battle.

Earlier this year however, we all discovered the potential of Wii and the innovative Wii-mote.

The Wii-mote contains motion sensors, a rumble feature, and a built-in speaker ideal for making the ‘szoowsh’ sound of a lightsaber.

Perhaps more in fan expectation than any clear indication from the Lucas Art’s team, rumours have been gathering pace of a Star Wars title for Wii that will utilise the controller’s functions and bring these battles to life.

Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine have added fuel to the speculation by suggesting that Lucas Art’s may well be working on such a game. They also claim that they are currently working on a next gen Star Wars Battlefront project.

Although there has been no official confirmation that this game or any other will feature Wii-mote lightsaber battles, the expectation from fans must surely have reached the Lucas Art’s ranch.

With the launch of Wii, predicted for October, we may hear news- good or bad – very soon. The fans demand it!

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Steven W
Will Lucas Arts utilise the Wii-mote controller to capture the true spirit of a lightsabre battle?

It better had do or what would be the point of releasing it without using the “motion support”.

Oh and if it was released not supporting the motion, then it would just be half the game it should have been.

Come on George, I wanna be wavin' my wii-mote by christmas.
BTW - I read that there's going to be another Star Wars box set soon… with the original shown versions as bonus extras :)