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Nintendo Revolution's Red Steel: Further Info

by Steven Williamson on 10 April 2006, 10:04

Tags: Red Steel (Wii), FPS

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Red Steel

Ubisoft have confirmed that the screenshots that were leaked onto the internet over the weekend of the first person shooter, Red Steel, are genuine.

More information on the actual game have now been revealed:

#The combat will primarily focus around long-ranged shooting

# Close-quarters-combat (swords, etc) and stealth kills will also play a significant role

# Enemies will have ranks. A squad of enemies in an area will be lead by a commander, who leads his troops and assigns orders.

# Players can spare the lives of enemies and be rewarded. By sparing the life of a commander, he will call down all of his troops and give you guidence, weapons, and other rewards to help you on your way.

#The more efficiently you fight, the more your "Freeze Gauge" will fill, which, when full, allows you to freeze time to target specific points of impact on an enemy.

#Players may not always want to strive for headshots: shooting the gun out of an enemie's hand can be just as helpful.

# Mentors will teach the player new moves throughout his quest.

# The player can track down other gang leaders and encourage them to join yours by proving your strength.

Game controls

# Players can lob or roll grenades at enemies by moving your arm just like you would throwing a ball.

# Guns can be rotated in the player's hand to further immerse the gamer.

#The player's specific motions with the controller can trigger combos (such as tracing an X in the air to unleash a powerful hit).

# The player can interact in conversations by tilting the controller up or down to signal a yes or no response.


# Deathmatches can be played in traditional split-screen modes.

# Players will not have to sync controllers when at a location other than their home- it will be instantly calibrated and accurate no matter the angle.

#Each player's controller gestures will not interfere with the other player's side of the screen no matter the size.

The title was due to be revealed at E3 in May.

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