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Try out new mystery action adventure on PS3

by Steven Williamson on 24 August 2007, 10:07

Tags: Sony Online Entertainment (NYSE:SNE)

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Games Convention 2007 Folklore, the new mystery action-adventure title for PS3 has made its European playable debut at the Leipzig Games Convention in Germany. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced that the Folklore demo shown at Leipzig is now available for PAL PS3 owners to download on PlayStation Store as a sneak preview between August 22nd – August 31st. After August 31st this demo will be removed from the store forever, so get downloading now to discover the game for yourself without having to travel all the way to Germany!

Folklore is a skilfully-woven tapestry of beautifully-detailed, colourful landscapes and characters with a supernatural storyline and intuitive, motion-sensitive game-play. Set in the Irish village of Doolin, players soon discover that the village hides a mysterious gateway to the Netherworld where it is rumoured that people can commune with the Dead…

Folklore has been created by Japan's Game Republic studios under the guidance of iconic Executive Producer Yoshiki Okamoto, the creative genius behind Resident Evil, Devil May Cry and Genji.

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