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PS3 price cut by £40

by Steven Williamson on 17 August 2009, 13:58

Tags: PlayStation3, Sony Computers Entertainment Europe (NYSE:SNE), Sony (NYSE:SNE), PS3

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U.K. supermarket chain, ASDA, has slashed the price of the 80GB PlayStation 3 console across all of its stores.

Speaking to our local Walsall store, an ASDA representative confirmed that the 80GB PS3 is now £240, which includes two selected games from the following titles: LittleBigPlanet & Ghostbusters, Killzone 2 & Resistance 2 or Terminator Salvation & inFamous. Most other retailers are still selling the PS3 at around £279.99.

The price cut comes ahead of Gamescon in Germany later this week, where it's rumoured that Sony may reveal a PS3 slim model. Is ASDA trying to shift old stock in preparation for the new model?

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hmm… may be worth a look into this. Was gong to buy a blu-ray player but a PS3 at this price is a good buy.
Local Walsall?!

Who's local in Walsall lol?!
Local Walsall?!

Who's local in Walsall lol?!

Me! It's where I live! :)
Wait and see how much the price will drop if these new slim models materialise.
Well this along with Xbox's recent price rise has made my choice a lot simpler… looks like the PS3 slim will be my first Sony console (subject to others' first impressions, of course!)