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Metal Gear Solid destined for Playstation Network

by Steven Williamson on 19 March 2008, 11:17

Tags: Konami's Metal Gear Solid for Playstation, Konami (TYO:9766), Action/Adventure

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Gearing up for MGS4

According to reports from Japanese games magazine Famitsu, the original and hugely popular stealth game, Metal Gear Solid will be released on the Japanese Playstation Network (PSN) this Spring.

Konami's Metal Gear Series was first published in 1998 for Playstation and received high commercial and critical success. With the launch of the latest game in the series, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots due for release in June, the original game, which gamers will also be able to downloaded and play on the PSP, should get fans in the mood for Snake's first next-gen appearance.

Of course, it's extremely likely that it will take an age for Metal Gear Solid to amble its way to the European PSN, it needs to be confirmed for the US PSN first, but with such a huge following it's virtually guaranteed that Snake's original adventure will be confirmed for release in these territories very soon.

Source :: Kotaku

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less of the c*ck tease and just give it me!
weird . . .i remember someone else saying that to me this week . . hmm
Might finally have to buy that PS3, it gives me puppy dog eyes every time I walk past Gamestation.
less of the c*ck tease and just give it me!

nice to see you and g-tech getting on so well mate :)

and to keep it on topic, it wouldnt suprise me to see all the previous ones pop up in the lead up to the release.