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Codemasters offer MMORPG for free

by Steven Williamson on 17 August 2007, 08:46

Tags: Codemasters, MMOG

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Codemasters has announced that Archlord, the subscription-base MMORPG is now available as a free download with no montly subscription fees. Furthermore, there is also a free expansion entitled Episode 2: Season of Siege. This makes Archlord one of the very few premium MMORPG's that offers a 100% free gaming experience.

Ed Relf, Director of Marketing, Codemasters Online commented "We are ecstatic to be in a position now to release ArchLord as an entirely FREE MMORPG and this marks a milestone in the games ongoing development. Since its release, ArchLord has grown consistently and we are excited to throw open the doors to players across N.America and Europe looking to play a premium 100% FREE MMORPG. Players are now only a download away from entering one of the most rich and rewarding PvP experiences in MMO gaming!"

To download ArchLord for FREE and take part in the race to become the games first ArchLord* visit

*Full terms and conditions for the ArchLord competition can be found at

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This game wasn't that well received when released so in January they made it subscription free. Guess people wern't biting so now they have made it completely free. I've got my key for it already must admit and will be grabbing it shortly.

Currently playing the closed beta of Tabula Rasa which is getting most my time currently. Looks like its going to be really good what I've seen so far, can't say anything else though due to the NDA.
Also HERE :rolleyes:
I've had this game, unwrapped, for ages. I might give it a shot now.

How can they afford to make it free, when they will still have staff working on the game during it's life cycle. Aren't they just throwing away cash?
Looking about on the COG site under the sub you can enter a store to purchase items within the game. Must be making something off that to just help keep the game open