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Epic speak out on UT3 issues on Xbox 360

by Steven Williamson on 16 August 2007, 09:23

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We don't favour any platform

Following yesterday's comments from Mark Rein from Epic Games regarding user generated content on the Xbox 360 version of Unreal Tournament III and the fact that it will sport fewer maps than the PS3 version, the Vice-President has now stepped forward to clarify his comments, feeling slightly peeved that 'folks on the internet treat any positive thing [EPIC] say about one platform as some sort of critique of another platform'.

Rein's response on Epic's official forums states:

We're a multi-platform company folks please come to grips with that. We like the PC. We like the 360. We like the PS3. We like the Macintosh. We like Linux. We will deliver UT3 for all of these platforms and it will rock on every one.

The simple facts state that the optical disc on the PS3 holds more data than the optical disc on the 360. If we exceed size of the 360s optical disc then we'll have to find alternative ways to get the content to 360 users such as making it downloadable. Adding a second DVD to a game like UT3 would be a challenge because when playing online you might not know exactly what map you're going to be playing next and we have to be able to accommodate users of the core system. So does that mean the disc on the 360 might have a map or two less? Possibly although it is too early to tell for sure. People love Unreal Tournament because we always ship it with tons of great content but that also makes it a bit of a disc hog - in a good way

Obviously, and as is true with most major games on 360 and PS3, you're going to be putting your hard drive to good use if you want to experience the full richness of content that UT3 will have to offer over the lifetime of the game. the fact that you can do this is a good thing.

I don't know the exact numbers but I suspect the version of Gears of War that most of our customers play today on their 360s, when you combine the downloadable content with the content on the disc, is larger than what we could fit on the 360's optical disc alone. So clearly there are perfectly good strategies to cope with this situation. We're all very used to downloading extra content for console games and with UT3 there will be lots of it for all supported platforms. In fact the cool thing about our engine is that when you make content for one platform it can run on all of them. If history is any indication, the vast majority of UT3 content won't even come from Epic - it will come from some very brilliant end users with lots of cool and innovative ideas.

When it comes to user created mods on the 360 - we will work with Microsoft to find a way to support them. We just don't have all the answers today and it isn't our chief priority at this very moment because we already have our hands completely full shipping UT3 on PC and PS3 as well as shipping Gears of War on PC. When we get those out of the way, and get a little time to spend with our friends and families, then we'll get back on this issue and figure it out.

So according to Mark Rein we can all stop worrying that one version of the game will be better than the other. They're all going to ROCK and rest assured they'll be doing everything they can to make sure that 360 users will see user created mods - we're just going to have to wait that bit longer.

Source :: Epic forums

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so the dvd9 is not enough space for the games maps? lol looks like sony implementing blu ray was not a bad idea innit
Hmm, good reading skills there Josh. Interesting article, lets hope if the maps don't fit that they won't charge us extra for them to download. If they do I will just get the PC version instead.
looks like the 360 will be a second-class citizen on this game, given the space concerns alongside mod concerns
blu-ray has always had its advantages and i knew it was only a matter of time before we all get to see it.
so the dvd9 is not enough space for the games maps? lol looks like sony implementing blu ray was not a bad idea innit

So would you say you're pro Sony or.. ;)