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Oculus announces its 30 VR launch games

by Mark Tyson on 18 March 2016, 13:01

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With the launch of a new platform, games or apps that make use of it are essential. It's even possible that a good launch lineup can make or break a platform, depending upon the competition out there. No doubt with this in mind Oculus is boasting of its excitement in revealing an "incredible lineup" of 30 VR games, launching with Rift on 28th March.

Of the launch games, listed in the 3x10 table above, some might sound familiar while others will be completely new franchises. Oculus enthuses that its games library, available from day one, will "take you to the outer reaches of space, mysterious labyrinths of wonder, and fantastic worlds of adventure. And they're just the beginning." The Facebook owned VR firm says that it is working with thousands of developers with over a hundred more games destined for its virtual store shelves in 2016.

Of all the games listed, the lowest priced VR morsels are $9.99, except for a single $4.99 title. At the other end of the market there are a couple of $59.99 games; Elite Dangerous: Deluxe Edition, and EVE Valkyrie Founder's Pack. Tweaktown has published a handy, fully priced up, launch games list if you are interested. If you worry you will have spent all your pennies on the Oculus Rift and necessary PC upgrades, you might be thankful to remember that the EVE: Valkyrie and Luckey's Tale games will be in your $599 HMD bundle as an introductory offer.

Oculus also revealed the new Oculus Home on Rift, pictured above. Said to be designed "from the ground up for VR," this is the interface to lead you on your merry way to the VR Worlds ahead of you. Home is designed for ease of exploring your library, for discovering new content and for connecting to (Facebook?) friends in VR.

Between now and launch time Oculus will reveal more about the apps, videos and experiences which will be joining the above games, ready for launch. Those interested should probably keep an eye on the Oculus Blog as I expect those updates soon, with only 10 days left until the hardware launch.

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Pfffff. Hardly triple-A are they?
EVE Valkyrie is the only one that appeals to me tbh.
Most of these seems to target the younger audience (except for Elite Dangerous)
Yeah, kinda sad lineup for launch-titles. But what can we expect from an overpriced “consumer” piece of electronic, that requires an even more expensive PC, just because almost nobody wants to optimize their games these days. Of course PSVR is way more attractive for developers…
Rift died for me when F***book got their dirty hands on it. Even the Vive is more attractive at this point.
Bit of a sorry lineup - Project CARS is quite a big title, and Omega Agent is made by Fireproof games - who made some amazing mobile titles (The Room 1-3).

Some of those also look very expensive for Indie timewasters