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AMD bundles Hitman with Radeon R9 390/390X & FX 6-/8-Core CPUs

by Mark Tyson on 17 February 2016, 09:31

Tags: AMD (NYSE:AMD), Square Enix (TYO:9684)

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AMD has announced that it will be bundling the latest Hitman game with select GPUs and CPUs. We have watched with interest the development of the latest Hitman game including covering news of the developer's plans to make Hitman a fully episodic game and the release of the PC system requirements and beta schedule.

The free game bundle promotion started yesterday but of course Hitman isn't out yet. Buyers of qualifying hardware, from participating retailers, will get a free Hitman download code plus a full year of content for this creative stealth action game after its official release. However, while you wait for the game to be released (on 11th March), you will be able to participate in the PC beta test which starts this Friday, 19th February, ending on 22nd Feb.

In a press release sent along to HEXUS, AMD says that Hitman players will benefit from "unique DX12 hardware found in only AMD Radeon GPUs-called asynchronous compute engines-to handle heavier workloads and better image quality without compromising performance". Furthermore the AMD Gaming Evolved title supports "AMD Eyefinity and ultrawide support, plus super-sample anti-aliasing for the best possible AA quality".

If you are interested in this Hitman gaming bundle please check through the key facts and dates below:

  • Qualifying hardware: AMD Radeon R9 390/390X graphics card or AMD FX 6-/8-Core boxed processor.
  • Qualifying dates: from 16th Feb until 30th of April 2016 or whilst supplies last. Vouchers can be redeemed until 30th of June 2016.
  • Qualifying retailers: include the likes of SCAN, Dabs and eBuyer in the UK but you can find out your nearest retailer via the AMD promotions site.

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Can't see this persuading anyone to by an FX cpu with Zen not that far away. Personally, I think the FX range gets a bad rep, they're perfectly capable gaming cpu's. Hell, I'm sat here gaming on an A10 7870K (housed in a cardboard George Forman box) and my other rig is a Phenom II 955 @stock speed coupled to a R9 280x. The FX Cpus are better than both and I've had no issues with gaming so far.

But that said, just wait for Zen?
I mean these processors can often be had for between 90 and 120 dollars. for a rig on a budget, there is no reason to wait for zen.
What do I get for my R9 380 ? :(
What do I get for my R9 380 ? :(

A nice fast graphics card.

I did have a look, had been wondering about upgrading my wife's PhenomII with an FX6350 as although the motherboard will take an 8350 I think the heat may be a bit much for that little shoebox sized case.

I swear the price on ebuyer for a 6350 is at least a tenner more than last time I looked. Ie, about the price of this game :D

Hitman seems to be £10.99 on Steam atm.
I have a 6300 and you can overclock the Brains out of it. Fine for gaming and a good deal If you ask me.