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Tt eSPORTS launches BLACK Snow Edition laser gaming mouse

by Mark Tyson on 24 March 2014, 12:00

Tags: Thermaltake (3540.TWO), PC

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Tt eSPORTS, the serious gaming focussed wing of Thermaltake, has released information about a new addition to its gaming mouse range. The BLACK Snow Edition laser gaming mouse offers several updates upon the popular Tt eSPORTS BLACK gaming mouse including; an updated laser sensor, a glossy finish, blue LED mousewheel illumination and increased onboard memory for profiles and macros.

The BLACK Snow Edition laser gaming mouse was created following community feedback upon its predecessor. Updates come to a great many of its key specifications as follows:

  • Sensor: Avago laser engine of up to 5700 DPI (original version offered up to 4000 DPI)
  • Surface: glossy white surface coating ( predecessor was matte black)
  • Illumination: Blue LED backlight provided for the mousewheel, DPI indicator and Tt eSPORTS dragon logo
  • Memory: 128kB (up from 64kB) increases the storable profiles from 3 to 5 in addition to 30 programmable macros
  • Switches: OMON switches with rated life cycle of 5 million presses

Users can program and change macros via special software downloadable from ttesports.com.

The mouse retains the original design's ergonomic shape, on the fly DPI adjustment and five additional 4.5g weights which are easily added/removed from the mouse base. It's also going to be the same price as its ancestor - at an RRP of just under $50. The BLACK Snow Edition laser gaming mouse will begin to roll out mid April "in select regions," so if you are interested in this glossy white gaming rodent please check your favourite suppliers around that time.

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That's a product in need of some punctuation!
“BLACK” snow… yet the mouse is white.
“BLACK” snow… yet the mouse is white.

Exactly my point. Its either a Snow Edition BLACK Laser Gaming Mouse or a BLACK Laser Gaming Mouse: Snow Edition.

BLACK is the product name.
apart from the colour and thumb buttons that thing looks very similar to my old MS Sidewinder.
The lights are in the same positions as my mouse, is this a redesigned Theron by any chance?