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AMD Mantle API embraced by Cloud Imperium, Eidos & Oxide

by Mark Tyson on 4 November 2013, 16:12

Tags: AMD (NYSE:AMD), Eidos (TYO:9684), PC

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Three major game developer partnerships with AMD have been announced today. In a move that AMD claims will “advance PC game performance improvements and simplify PC game development,” game developers Cloud Imperium, Eidos-Montreal and Oxide Games have decided to optimise their games using AMD's recently announced Mantle Graphics API.

“AMD is proud to play an instrumental role in transforming the world of game development with Mantle,” said Ritche Corpus, director of ISV gaming and alliances, AMD. “With the support and close collaboration between AMD and industry-leading game developers like Cloud Imperium, Eidos-Montréal and Oxide, Mantle can maximize optimization for highly anticipated PC titles, bringing an unparalleled gaming experience for players.”

Taking each named developer in turn, Cloud Imperium is currently working on developing the Star Citizen space strategy adventure sim. This game has currently achieved over $26 million of backing in a record breaking crowd-funding feat.

Eidos-Montreal are behind many big name games titles including Thief, due in February 2014, and the AMD Gaming Evolved title Deus Ex: Human Revolution. David Anfossi, studio head at Eidos-Montréal said “Mantle lets you use AMD Radeon GPUs the way they are meant to be used, unlocking many new opportunities and increased CPU and GPU performance.” Anfossi concluded that “Mantle is one of the most important changes to PC graphics in many years.”

AMD also inform us that Oxide Games is designing the new ‘Nitrous’ engine for 64-bit, multi-core processors. Dan Baker, co-founder, Oxide Games said that “Adding Mantle support to our multi-platform, 64-bit Nitrous engine realizes significant gains in performance on Mantle-enabled hardware without adding enormous development overhead.” He also said that the new API lets developers get more out of hardware than any other.

AMD, DICE and the above named trio of developers will be discussing Mantle further at the AMD Developer Summit (APU 13) from 11th – 14th November in San Jose, California. Also at APU13 Oxide Games will use the opportunity to demo the Mantle performance advantages they have realised so far.

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Interesting, I didn't think we would see other developers picking this up until we had seen what it can do with Battlefield 4.

Big name developers too, this could actually take off….. I had my doubts.
It is great to see this getting support. I would like this to be manufacturer agnostic though so all gamers can benefit from it rather than just AMD customers.
Looks like things are on the up for AMD, this combined with being used for the console could mean some better ports to PC.
Nvidia & AMD should cross-licence each others exclusive properties. Also there should b world peace & cheese for all.
I can't see it being a huge success if games makers need to use both mantle and direct x. I'm really excited by the prospects for it but AMD need to let other GPU manufacturers get in on the action or it will be a failure. And if AMD are hoping to destroy Nvidia with Mantle they had better think again, Nvidia are too successful at present to go down because of a new API.
I mean even if AMD limited other brands to 5x more draw calls and licensed it for free, then keep the magic 9X to themselves for now - that would alleviate the problem.