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Tribes: Ascend beta dated

by Stephen Coleman on 10 October 2011, 18:29

Tags: PC

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According to a recent interview on Cyberlink with Hi-Rez boss, Todd Harris, the beta of the free-to-play sci-fi shooter was supposed to launch last month but was instead pushed back in order to make room for some additional features and will now launch on November 4th.

"We plan on announcing that more broadly next week, and as you may have known if you’ve been following us, we wanted to start in September originally, that was kind of our original plan, but there were a few adjustments that we wanted to make before beta," said Harris.

"Specifically, some things we’ve been working on are character progression elements, those were things that weren’t in alpha, but will be in beta, we’ll maybe get into details on some of those later, and secondly, with the changes or improvements based on feedback from the alpha testing group - Disc jump strength was one, some challenge that people had in chasing down flag cappers which is a big part of the game, basically ability to quickly gain momentum from a standstill, and even overall speed of the game."

The Tribes: Ascend beta is set to include four multiplayer maps for up to 32 players, two game modes, three vehicles and a choice of 12 different classes.

Check out the gameplay teaser for Tribes: Ascend below.

You can sign up for the beta HERE.

Tribes: Ascend will launch on PC with a planned release date of Q1 2012.

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Looks kinda cool… WTFs with everyone jumping all over the place, stay still and let me shoot you!