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DC Universe Online release date set

by Steven Williamson on 26 July 2010, 11:04

Tags: DC Universe Online, Sony Online Entertainment (NYSE:SNE), PC, PS3, MMOG

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Sony Online Entertainment's MMORPG, DC Universe Online (DCUO) looks set to be released on November 2, 2010.

That's according to Gamespot, who claims that comics artist Jim Lee let the date slip at Comic-Con over the weekend.

For the first time, DCUO will let players create their own customized super hero or villain and wield amazing powers in the name of good or evil as they write their own chapter in the fabled DC Universe.

Supporting the game’s distinctive, dynamic look is a physics-based combat system that claims to be unlike anything we'll have before in other MMOs. With DCUO, players will have virtual powers that feel truly epic in scope from the get-go. Fly around, grab a bus, and toss it at your foes. Shoot energy blasts from your power ring as you dash with incredible speed along the side of a skyscraper. Or turn rivals into ice cubes and then lob them from atop the Daily Planet building!

We're still waiting for the release date to be officially confirmed from the Sony press office, but it looks pretty much set in stone. We'll let you know if things change.

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