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Lord of the Rings Online adopts free-to-play model

by Steven Williamson on 4 June 2010, 16:05

Tags: Lord of the Rings Online, Codemasters, PC, RPG

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Turbine will unveil a major update this fall, making The Lord of the Rings Online free-to-play for everyone.

Launching this Autumn across North America and Europe, with Codemasters operating the game free-to-play in Europe, LOTRO will introduce Turbine’s new pricing model that allows players to download the game and play for free, purchase expansions, quest packs, items, and account services a la carte from the new LOTRO Store, or join the VIP program to get unlimited access to all of the game’s content for one low price.

* Free means Free! – Players will download LOTRO by visiting and join with millions of other adventurers as they explore the most complete and authentic recreation of Middle-earth ever created and participate in LOTRO’s award-winning epic story up to level 50 for free.

* Visit the new LOTRO Store! -- The LOTRO Store is loaded with thousands of convenience items as well as expansion packs, premium content, additional character slots, potions, character customization and more! The LOTRO Store is seamlessly integrated into the game and lets the player identify new and exciting ways to enhance and customize their experience using points which can be purchased in the store or earned through gameplay.

* Be a LOTRO VIP! – Players who elect to become a LOTRO VIP will have unlimited access to all premium content, receive priority server access, 5 character slots, a shared bank slot, and a monthly allotment of points to spend in the new LOTRO Store.

Players interested in getting a sneak peek of the new LOTRO can sign up for a chance to participate in the Beta program which begins June 16, 2010 at .

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How do you beta test a new subscription model?

Other than that, this is quite cool - I was moderately interested in LOTRO before.
I wonder what happens to people who already paid for a lifetime subscription
Aha, an FAQ with useful content!

“I have a lifetime subscription to LOTRO. What will Free-to-Play mean for me?

As a lifetime subscriber to LOTRO, you will keep all of your membership privileges and are automatically upgraded to VIP status. You will receive 500 Free Turbine Points every month like the other VIPs, but you do not have to pay a monthly fee since you are a lifetime member. All you have to do is keep playing the game and visit the LOTRO Store to spend your free points and enjoy the wealth of new a la carte items and options to enhance your game experience.”
I've always been keen to play this game but the subscription fee put me off. Now this is one game I'll be looking forward to. :)
do the turbine points you earn add up between games? say if you earn 500 in D&D online and 500 in LOTRO, when you look in the store do you have 1000pts? or are they completely seperate?

probably a silly question.