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Metro 2033 giveaway to launch day buyers

by Steven Williamson on 4 March 2010, 09:39

Tags: THQ (NASDAQ:THQI), PC, Xbox 360, Action/Adventure

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THQ has today confirmed that an extra bonus will be dished out to all gamers that pick up a copy of its upcoming post-apocalyptic adventure, Metro 2033, on launch day.

Everyone who picks up the game on March 19,2010 will also receive a free copy of the not-to-shabby-at-all, open-world shooter, Red Faction Guerilla.

The promotion is only available in the U.K.

Metro 2033 focuses on your struggle for survival following an apocalyptic disaster. As you step outside the comfort of your underground city for the first time there's going to one or two nasty surprises and mutant horrors awaiting you.

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