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Behind the scenes of Just Cause 2

by Steven Williamson on 12 October 2009, 12:06

Tags: Just Cause 2, Eidos (TYO:9684), PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Action/Adventure

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The official Just Cause 2 website has today been updated with the latest episode in a series of Mini Docs where the team at Avalanche Studios takes you behind-the-scenes on its new freeroaming adventure. This latest update goes deep undercover on the island of Panau, uncovering what makes this tropical time-bomb tick.

Panau is a vast playground for players, stretching out over 1000 square kilometres (400 square miles), packed with dense jungle, arctic peaks, arid deserts and sun-bleached beaches, each populated with a variety of settlements in which to cause chaos. From ski resorts to submarine bases, towns and villages to a huge capital city, Panau is an island rich in variety. Each climate zone has its own unique weather system with dense snow falls creating picture postcard peaks and tropical thunder storms lighting up the night sky.

As Rico Rodriguez, the Agency’s most powerful weapon, players must take on the island and its military regime to track down Rico’s former boss and mentor, Tom Sheldon, who has gone rogue in Panau with millions in Agency cash and secrets. Using a unique grapple and parachute combination, there is no vertical limit as the air becomes your playground: grapple a passing plane in flight, hijack helicopters or BASE jump from the tallest buildings or mountains. Just Cause 2 offers players the freedom to tackle missions the way they choose and with over 100 vehicles and countless upgrades and collectibles, the choices are limitless.

Enough of the chat, check out the new video...

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FarCry 3? Very similar in terms of what it's trying to achieve, by the looks of it.
set the video on the PSN shop last night before bed - i really enjoyed the 1st so quite interested to see this one
They just need to get the content in there, 1st game was good, massive! but very sparse and boring checkpoint missions. I've seen a 10min gameplay vid and it is looking cool.