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Imperium Romanum - PC

by Steven Williamson on 15 January 2008, 09:01

Tags: Imperium Romanum, PC, Strategy

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Take the role of a governor in a Roman province

The aim of Imperium Romanum is to take the role of a Roman governor, gather resources, organise and command your armies and build a prosperous and imperious settlement. They'll be a number of game modes, but the main campaign will be History mode, which sees you following a timeline based on real events in Roman history. The developer's Haemimont Games has focused on creating a realistic fact-based Roman environment, so they'll be tons of authentic buildings, including the mass entertainment venue of Circus Maximus.

To bring this period of history to life the team has stepped up to the challenge of creating a photo realistic environment, with intricately designed buildings, depth of field effects, terrain blending, grass rendering and realistic water reflections.

Check out the first in-battle screenshots:

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Imperium Romanum, will be published in February/March 2008 at a price of £29,99

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