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World in Conflict add-on now available

by Steven Williamson on 16 October 2007, 08:59

Tags: World in Conflict, Vivendi Universal Interactive (NYSE:VIV), PC, Strategy

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Sierra Entertainment's Massive Entertainment have confirmed that the World in Conflict broadcast tool is now available to download.

The download is an add-on that gives Vista and DX-10-enabled users a number of television-style broadcast options - such as pre-set and custom cameras, follow-cameras, telestration and other capabilities - that will turn any LAN game or tournament into a fun-to-watch spectator event.

The World in Conflict Broadcast Tool will also include the ability to create a film of the broadcasted match directly from the tool that can be shared with friends, clans or competition.

"World in Conflict's multiplayer is uniquely fun to watch with its amazing graphics, tactical strategy and huge explosions, and everyone at Massive really enjoys watching great matches in the game over the shoulders of our friends or at events ," said Martin Walfisz, founder and president, Massive Entertainment. "We wanted to make it easy for World in Conflict fans to turn this awesome experience into the best spectator game ever. Some of the team members at Massive have a background in the TV industry, so anyone who has ever seen a TV production room will recognize the set up immediately. The World in Conflict Broadcast Tool will make watching - or broadcasting - gaming competitions exciting and fun."

You can download the broadcast tool from the official site: