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Midway to bring out the big guns - UTIII and more

by Steven Williamson on 22 August 2007, 18:43

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Games Convention 2007 Following a small scuffle over the free buffet (nothing fancy just croissants and bagels) at the Midway press conference, David Zucker, CEO of Midway Games got down to business and outlined the company's future plans and goals.

The company's motivational motto was broadcast on the big screen for all to see: Fewer,Bigger and Better, was the message. Zucker said that the company will continue, as they have been doing recently, with titles that focus heavily on strong gameplay, good characters and deep and involving storylines.Many of their future games will also utilise the same technology platform, with just tweaks here and there to compliment the gameplay. For example: Blacksite: Area 51 utilises the same 'Massive D' technology that is used in Stranglehold so effectively, allowing gamers to not only destroy, but disintegrate the surroundings - not to mention the frequent use of the Unreal Engine 3. The press were treated to trailers of Blacksite Area 51, The Wheelman, Strangehold, TNA Impact (their new wrestling game), Unreal Tournament III and a number of other titles, including the Wii party title, Game Party (darts, shuffle board, table hockey etc).

The only new news to come out to the conference was that they'll be an updated and improved Blacksite Area 51 demo in October. We were disappointed not to hear more about the Wheelman or more from Epic's Mark Rein who took the stage and re-iterated what we already knew about UTIII (PSN - PC mods 'will bring a replay-ability never before seen on a console) - there was no word of the Xbox 360 version. (We'll be going hands-on with UTIII tomorrow!

So, we left the press conference feeling quite positive about what Midway will bring to the table over the next couple of years. They're certainly going to be concentrating on bigger and better all-out action titles and not throwing out a load of garbage to make a quick buck and their game annoucements so far this year, are all looking like decent titles.

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