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Half-Life 2: Episode Four screenshots unearthed

by Mark Tyson on 7 December 2015, 11:11

Tags: Valve

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Over the weekend a series of screenshots revealing detailed levels within Half-Life 2: Episode Four, AKA 'Return to Ravenholm' were published. The screenshots came from the personal portfolio of Robert Wilinski, a Senior Environment Artist at Arkane Studios between 2007 and 2008. This Half: Life 2 episode was, of course, cancelled and not seen or heard of, much at all, until now.

Eleven detailed new screenshots, as unearthed by ValveTime, feature in the video above. PCPer explains in brief that Half-Life 2: Episode Four, AKA 'Return to Ravenholm', was planned for release after Episode Three, which also never happened. It also reminds us that the content is almost a decade old, older than Left 4 Dead. Arkane Studios, the outfit behind the new screen shots, went on to create the Dishonoured games. Episode Four takes place before Half-Life 2: Episode Two and features a new unannounced protagonist.

In other Valve news over the weekend, users of NeoGaf forums found out that it is now possible to permanently delete games from your account. If you have a Steam games library which would benefit from such permanent pruning the process is pretty simple. Select Steam Support from the Steam Client help menu and then select a game you have. On the next screen you will be asked "What problem are you having with this product?" There are three options you can then choose, "I can't successfully purchase," or "Gameplay or technical issue", or "I want to permanently remove this game from my account."

It will surely be a valuable feature for some who like their games libraries spick and span but I'm personally happy with the Steam Client right click jump menu of the most recent five games played, meaning I rarely have to scroll through my library.

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Why exactly would you want to permanently remove a game from your library?
Oh I don't know…….say, hypothetically…….if it's titled “Pregnancy”

What the ACTUAL Sh?
I have a number of games that just “appeared”, or duplicates for “Game XX (Steam Version)” and also the non-steam version.

And The Ship. The damn game forced me to have a demo in my list despite already owning it for years.

Call of Duty too (1 & 2 I think), stupidly they have a separate executable file for multi player and single player. That MP one can go!

Then there's all the XYZ Bundles with cack games I don't want.

EDIT: Did I just fall for some joke?
Finally I get some control over MY library. Prune is necessary because your fisher price toys are no longer relevant age 10+ hence they went to charity or car boot or landfill. It makes no difference to Steams bottom line.

Hopefully at some point I can also prune all the digital tat that I don't want or even better opt out of recieving it in the first place.
if you right click on the game in steam library list, then choose ‘set categories’ theres a tick box for ‘hide game in my library’
its been there for aaages.

you've still got the option of going back to the game later on if you change your mind. Plus it stops you buying the game again in the future, if you look at it the store and think ‘that could be good’, buy it, then regret it when you remember the horror…. a handy ‘you already own this’ button appears instead.

whats worse: buying the same game twice, regretting it both times? or realising you already own it?