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Humble Bundle launches the Humble Monthly subscription

by Mark Tyson on 2 October 2015, 11:01

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Humble Bundle has devised a new offering for fans of its games bundles. It is inviting PC gamers to pay a subscription of $12 per month for Humble Monthly. It describes the monthly collection of games as "A highly curated bundle of our favourite games at one fixed price." The hand-picked collection "Includes everything from recent hits to hidden gems to timeless classics - every month".

The mechanics of the subscription offer are as follows:

  • Pay $12, with five per cent going to charity
  • A new bundle unlocks on the first Friday of every month at 11am PST
  • If you paid to subscribe before that cut-off time you get that bundle, otherwise you've missed that particular offer and will be receiving the next bundle.
  • The bundle content isn't known until it becomes available - it's a 'lucky bag'.
  • The games unlock on Steam for Windows and "sometimes more"
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time and keep the games you have collected thus far.

Humble Bundle has an opening offer to get the subscriptions started. If you pay your first subscription now, or before 6th November (the first Friday of next month), you will get an extra game instantly unlocked: the Legend of Grimrock 2.

From then on in its hard to know how well the Humble Monthly will do. It all depends on the games and the history of the games it has offered up in previous months. Gamers will soon get a feel for the 'value' on offer and vote with their feet / subscription money. To generate excitement and subscription demand Humble Bundle will have to put together some pretty worthy games packages every month. Also a subscriber will need lots of free time to explore a bundle of new games each and every month.

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While I'm sure that plenty will subscribe, this holds no draw for me. The whole point of the bundle (for the consumer) is to get a series of games that we don't already own while supporting a good cause. However, as the bundle is lucky dip, you really have no idea what you'll be getting, hence you have no idea what you're subscribing to beside the ideology. I don't subscribe to ideology. It's the same reason I'm not religious.
I love humble bundle - you get some absolute great steals on there whilst giving money to your charity of choice. But they do offer a lot of indie games that I will never play. I don't get around to playing half the games I buy in the Humble Bundle. This doesn't appeal to me because I prefer to pick and choice which bundles based upon the games. Paying $12 a month for random games that could be awful seems a little risky - time will tell.
I'm a big humble bundle purchaser but this just doesn't make sense to me. If a bundle looks good i'll often buy but at usually around the average which is usually around $6. Why would I pay $12 on the off chance they have a game I want? I get it helps a charity but i'd rather just set up regular giving than do this.
im the same $12 is a large gamble for games i may not even like, if it was half the price i would probably gamble it more but then i guess that would lead to lower value games
Like the Steam sales, how people end up with far more games than they can possibly play!