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Germany propose total ban on violent videogames

by Steven Williamson on 12 December 2006, 12:20

Tags: Action/Adventure

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Regional politicians in Germany are presenting a bill to parliament which they hope will bring an end to 'cruel videogames' being distirbuted in their country. Spurred by a recent shooting in a German high school and various polls that show that a high percent of the population blame violent videogames on the rise of violent behaviour amongst children, the bill could mean that anyone caught selling, developing or playing violent games could be sentenced to up to a year in prison.

“It is absolutely beyond any doubt that such killer games desensitise unstable characters to violence and can have a stimulating effect,” said Günther Beckstein, Bavaria’s interior minister.

We're not too sure what exactly is cruel about beating to death zombies in Dead Rising on the Xbox 360 (if we don't kill them they'll kill us!), but that didn't stop Germany's official software rating organisation taking offence to the violent nature of the zombie killing fests. More recently Gears of War was also banned for its violent content.

The Financial Times reports that Germany 'is the world’s third biggest market for computer entertainment' with over 40,000 online gaming clans so the impact on game developer's could be huge. Our thoughts are with those German gamers who may be denied the chance of playing some of the best videogames on the market.

Source: Financial Times

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This really grates with me, i don't understand why people feel they can blame video games, films, or whatever for children learning bad behaviour. Whatever happened to the responsibility that parents have to teach morals and responsibility to children? It seems recently that people become more and more willing to blame something if it takes the responsibility from themselves.
I heard about this a few weeks ago. It doesn't look good for Crytek. The games they make they'll have to shut up shop and move somewhere else.
if this is the case, then why are violent movies and violent books still being produced or written? Surely the medium is the same?

The BBFC is in charge of regulating the content ratings for films in the UK, and has only just started regulating the content of games.

Does Germany have a similar system, where the legislation is there, or is there's similar to the PEGI system, where there is no laws against it.

I also completely agree with kasavien. Too many times are people scapegoating the responsibility onto something else, because they cant just accept it. What gives parents the right to complain that video games are violent, when the children themselves are out of control, due to lack of discipline?
Yeah, a complete ban is ridiculous. It's the parent's responsibility to make sure their 12 year old isn't playing the likes of Call of Duty.

What next, burning books?
why not change the guns into custard pies?