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Neverwinter Nights premium module now available

by Steven Williamson on 14 September 2006, 14:50

Tags: Atari (EPA:ATA)

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Just as Atari have announced a limited edition pack for the upcoming Neverwinter Nights2 , which includes various collectible items that further transport gamers into the Forgotten Realms universe, we also hear of a premium module for Neverwinter Nights that offers 18-20 hours of gameplay.

Costing $11.99, Wyvern Crown of Cormyr allows you to explore the kingdowm on horseback whilst taking part in tournaments against opponents.


As you crest a hill on your noble warhorse, a bleak sight unfolds before you: Cormyr, the land of your birth, is scarred and ravaged by a creeping blight. Once-green fields lie brown and dead, and smoke rises from farms and village homesteads that have fallen ramshackle and decrepit.

You have returned to your home with intentions of aiding your family in rebuilding their lives from the ashes of wars past. Yet though peace seems to have finally returned to this troubled land, outlaws still lurk in the wilds and a strange silence has descended over the Hullack forest...a silence that warns of encroaching darkness.

Download the module or view the trailer at the Bioware store

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