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Bafta Game Awards names Dishonoured as best game

by Mark Tyson on 6 March 2013, 17:24


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The 2013 British Academy of Film and Television Arts (Bafta) video games awards took place at the London Hilton last night, celebrating the best games titles of 2012. A PlayStation PSN exclusive adventure game title called Journey was hotly tipped to be the Best Game award winner, however it was pipped at the post by a first person stealth action title called Dishonoured. Journey was the most successful game in the number of awards it achieved which included Best Game Design and Best Online Multiplayer.

The Bafta 2013 Games Awards winners were as follows:

  • Best Game: Dishonored
  • Online Multiplayer: Journey
  • Game Design: Journey
  • Artistic Achievement: Journey
  • Original Music: Journey
  • Audio Achievement: Journey
  • Mobile & Handheld: The Walking Dead
  • Story: The Walking Dead
  • Game Innovation: The Unfinished Swan
  • Debut Game: The Unfinished Swan
  • Action: Far Cry 3
  • British Game: The Room (new category for 2013)
  • Performer: Danny Wallace - Thomas Was Alone
  • Family: Lego Batman 2
  • Strategy: Xcom - Enemy Unknown
  • Ones to Watch: Kind of a Big Deal - Starcrossed
  • Online Browser: SongPop
  • Sports/Fitness: New Star Soccer
  • Fellowship: Gabe Newell

The Telegraph points out that downloadable games were the most successful on the night. That includes the aforementioned PSN title Journey, which achieved a stunning five awards and reportedly narrowly missed out on the Best Game award, which went to Dishonoured by Arcane Studios. Other games which were nominated for the coveted Best Game award include Far Cry 3, Mass Effect 3, The Walking Dead and FIFA 13.

I’ve embedded video trailers for both Journey and Dishonoured below for folks who haven’t seen nor heard of either of these titles.

The ninth Bafta Games Awards was hosted for the fifth year running by Irish comic Dara O'Briain. The night concluded with the award of a Bafta Fellowship to Valve’s Gabe Newell who made a low key and brief acceptance speech after he received the award from Jonathan Ross.

A full rundown of the night’s proceedings is available on The Guardian.

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Dishonoured was great fun. I don't have a PS3 to play journey sadly, but I know it's meant to be one of the best games on the console.
Far Cry was excellent, even with the horrific storyline.
Thomas was Alone, Danny Wallace. I'm surprised, but not unimpressed. He did do an excellent job, but I would never have expected such a small game to get a Bafta.
BAFTA stands for British Academy of Film and Television Arts.
Why are they trying to do video game awards ? Does British TV suck that much ?
The game's set designer Viktor Antonov (architect of Half-Life 2's City 17) thanks his wife and apologizes to the British for the game's Americanized spelling.

Ah, The Guardian pulling a funny :)

Anyway, loved Dishonoured, although it did a get a bit easy once you knew your way around.
I thought Far Cry 3 was better. Oh well, I'll live with the news.
No MMO category ? :/