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Blizzard order 1500 AMD opterons?

by Steven Williamson on 6 February 2006, 13:51

Tags: RPG

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How many new servers?

Blizzard have apparently ordered 1500 Opteron servers, said to be specifically for World of Warcraft. The news, from Rahul Sood, the President of Voodoo PC, suggests that rumours on the re-making of Blizzard's next online game, Diablo 3 are even more likely.

Rahul says,

"There was an interesting rumor I heard that Blizzard finally bit the bullet and purchased a whack of new servers to upgrade their Battlenet system. I am not one to write about rumors unless I feel it is pretty accurate."

It appears that Blizzard may have reacted to the wide scale critisisms from the WOW community, gamers have been reporting 'horrible lag' on World of Warcraft servers for some time.These new servers, based on AMD Opteron 64 technology may just do the trick.

You can read more on this story and other little nuggets of info on Rahul's blog.

Jolt online gaming have been using Opteron servers since 2003, they are designed for use in the demanding environment of online gaming. This move will allow Blizzard to run more gaming servers with improved performance.

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LOL and we thought the AMD sell-outs were due to Dell buying them all :p ;)
LOL and we thought the AMD sell-outs were due to Dell buying them all :p ;)

rofl :P

If this is true then it looks like i may not need to leave all my mates behind with a server migration… i hope they do something coz the lag really is stupid at the moment.. so much so i have left my main toon and 9 alts on darksorrow and gone to another server for the time being as it is unplayable on darksorrow..
So thats the reason for the shortage of retail and OEM Opteron units then ;)
besides the news of new thousands of people siging up to WOW and being banned off it only other subject is the lag, everyone moans about it. So 1500+ of AMD Opty servers should be good enough for those 5 million of WOW hungry players.

Things are certenly changing. Last year the only PC's advertised on TV here in UK where mostly “Uses Intel Pemtium4 technology” ones but now i am seeing Sampron and Turion ads.

My favorite ad is when the guy in pc world ad says “this PC has Intel Pemptium 4 with HT technology” and the couple look at him all wierd like what the hell did he just say. They try to make IT lingo sound better so to makes things simpler and let the couple know what hes on about he says “Sorry with HyperThreading technology”. Yea right that made things so much simpler, instead of two letters they now have remeber HyperSomthing-Thingy, people must have tought it eats too much sugar.
At last Blizzard are waking up to the one thing that makes the game difficult to play - lag.

I think they have been caught by the popularity of the game but at least I know that my £9 a month is going to an update in server hardware and therefore an improvement in the game.