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Eden Games: TDU2 patches incoming

by Steven Williamson on 14 February 2011, 09:45

Tags: Atari (EPA:ATA), Racing

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There's some good news for Test Drive Unlimited 2 console players who have been experiencing problems with online connectivity and bugs since it launched last week.

Head Producer, David Nadal has confirmed that a patch is now available for gamers in the U.S. that fixes some of the issues brought up by the community. A patch for the European Xbox 360 and PS3 versions is expected shortly.

Via the official forums, Nadal writes:

"Thanks to TDU2's dedicated community, Eden Studios has been able to identify and address connectivity and DLC issues that some players experienced at launch and we are working around the clock to continue optimizing the game. As with many large multiplayer and MMO launches, the initial rush of new players into the game revealed a variety of issues that are now mostly addressed. Based on our interaction with the community, most of you should be able to play the game without issues. We value the feedback and will continue addressing issues around the clock. Thanks for your support and we'll see you in Ibiza."

Some of the reported problems at launch include screen freezing, the inability to challenge a player online, and corrupt save game files. Eden Games says that staff have been pulled away from other projects to concentrate on bringing the game up to scratch as soon as possible. Shouldn't they have done this before launch?

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more games released before being ready! at £40 a copy you'd expect them to have some sort of quality control before a general release.
more games released before being ready! at £40 a copy you'd expect them to have some sort of quality control before a general release.

They did, hence why it was delayed from a September 2010 release. Should it have had another delay? Maybe, but most of these issues are only caused by/visible with volume. They did have a PC beta stress test that was open to all, but clearly that didn't replicate the real-world situation well enough - perhaps they should have investigated the possibility of an open console beta.
I was on that beta for the PC.
The way they handled it was abysmal. They'd only open the server about once a week but it wasn't at prearranged times and they'd announce it on their beta forum as the session started. I'd be surprised if it was ever what you'd call busy.
They can't have actually got much testing done.

In the whole beta period I didn't manage to get online once. As the game would only work online, no offline mode at all I never even got to set my wheel up for it.

I didn't bother buying the game. I fully expected problems of the level they've been experiencing.