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Bayonetta spin-off a foregone conclusion

by Steven Williamson on 25 January 2010, 14:55

Tags: Bayonetta, Sega (TYO:6460)

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Following the critically-acclaimed release of the fast-paced, third-person, arcade-style combat game Bayonetta earlier this month, SEGA and Platinum Games have all but confirmed that it will create another title based on the franchise.

That might not necessarily mean a sequel though. Platinum Games director Hideki Kamiya told Game Informer: "We obviously have love for the work we have created, so I don't see anything wrong with Bayonetta 2. Personally, I'd like to approach the world of Bayonetta from a different angle, in the form of a spin-off."

We rated Bayonetta 9.5/10 on HEXUS.gaming , so it goes without saying that we'd be excited to see a sequel, but with the creativity of Hideki Kamiya behind it we're excited to see anything he comes up with, even if it does happen to be a spin-off rather than a direct sequel.

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