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New Government enquiry into violent videogames

by Steven Williamson on 7 December 2007, 10:50

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Enjoy videogame violence while you can

The government are pressing on with their investigations into videogames that portray violence, contain sexually explicit material or incite racial hatred. Following on from the Byron review, which examined the risk to children from exposure to potentially harmful or inappropriate material on the Internet and in video games, the culture, media and sport committee has announced a new inquiry and are encouraging submissions from organisations and the general public to present at 'oral evidence sessions' in February and March 2008.

According to the press release:

The potential risks to consumers, including children and young people, from exposure to harmful content on the Internet or in video games. The Committee is particularly interested in the potential risks posed by:

* “Cyber bullying”;
* user generated content, including content that glorifies guns and gang violence;
* the availability of personal information on social networking sites;
* content that incites racial hatred, extremism or terrorism; and
*content that exhibits extreme pornography or violence.

You know it's only a matter of time before we see an end to the violent games we love to play, so get it while you can folks.Pole dancers, sexism, guns, knives, rap music, blood, glorified violence, car jackings and so on - this new trailer of GTA IV sums up everything that the committee wants banned.

You can submit your thoughts to the committee at the official website.

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For crying out loud, more money wasted.
makes me laugh after watching 30 days of night where a vampire child gets beheaded, but you cant have 2 ropey looking 3d models shagging or beating each other up.

In fact there was more beheading in that film than the whole of the french revolution.
Didn't they announce this ages ago? It was looked forward to by the companies as a very good thing - it'll finally put the nail in the coffin for people using video games as an excuse.

So not a waste of money at all in my opinion - they are not going in there to try and support a pre-supposed position, and once it's done companies will probably be able to take liable action against those claiming they do cause harm.
WTF? How about enquiry into why criminals are let back onto the street so quickly after they are sent in ?

Or how about an enquiry why they take in billions in environment taxes yet dont spend any money on environment causes and pay out chicken **** in grants for being green ?
Why do they need to spend hundred's of thousands of pounds on this? Yes, there's a need to try and figure out if these things are harmful to society, but surely after they've solved a lot of other problems, like child poverty and poor education and healthcare.

When you're trying to solve a problem you don't just ignore the main causes in favour of easy tasks that means you can pretend you're doing something!