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Corsair acquires games controller pioneer SCUF Gaming

by Mark Tyson on 16 December 2019, 15:51

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Corsair has decided to enter the games controller market via acquisition. The well known performance PCs, components and accessories brand has today bought up SCUF Gaming, a "high-performance controller pioneer," which started up in 2011. In addition to the company Corsair has acquired an extensive patent portfolio. The acquisition is expected to complete before 2019 is out.

According to am email we received from Corsair, SCUF "radically changed the way controllers are used by redesigning the layout of a controller to increase hand use and improve performance, matching the evolving complexities of competitive games."

A particular attraction of SCUF controllers is that they are designed to be modular. Controller components are switchable and configurable, with a "vast range" of options available. Users might want to change / configure back paddles, thumb sticks, D-Pads, triggers, and various control extensions.

While you may not have heard of the brand, Duncan Ironmonger, Founder and CEO of SCUF Gaming, claimed his controllers were the preferred choice "for the majority of top professional gamers". Ironmonger emphasized how important controllers and their quality and design are for gamers in maximizing their performance.

SCUF is perhaps best known in the eSports space where it is a licensed partner of Activision for Call of Duty. It is also the official controller partner for the likes of the NBA 2K and eMLS eSports leagues.

"We are thrilled to greatly expand our portfolio of industry-leading peripherals and enter the gaming controller space to help gamers play at their best," said Andy Paul, Founder and CEO of Corsair. Paul asserted that SCUF would be a good fit to the Corsair and Elgato brands and would benefit from Corsair's operational scale and network.

Finally, SCUF Gaming will remain a separate brand within the Corsair family, keeping its operational HQ in Atlanta and various regional offices. Warranties and support for owners of previously sold products will not be affected by the changes.

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Nice. One less company to buy product from.
Interesting. MS license their IP for the Elite controllers themselves as well as Scuf's own takes on them.
Scuf controllers are insanely overpriced. Doubt that will change.
Nice. One less company to buy product from.

Haha cynicism is highest form of intelligence xD
Haha cynicism is highest form of intelligence xD

And sarcasm is lowest form of wit… :p