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Corsair rolls out the T1 RACE Gaming Chair, priced at £299.99

by Mark Tyson on 17 May 2017, 13:31

Tags: Corsair

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Enthusiast grade PC components and peripherals maker Corsair has launched a new gaming chair. The Corsair T1 RACE Gaming Chair is said to be "inspired by racing, crafted for comfort and built to last." It comes in a variety of eye catching accent colours and trims and is based upon a solid steel constructed chair, with extra padding and support where you need it, atop of a five wheel base.

Corsair talks a lot about the materials that it has used to make this chair. The construction is said to be steel, cushions are made from dense foam - with extra support in the adjustable neck and lumbar regions, seat coverings are "luxurious PU leather," and its caster wheels are made from easy glide nylon.

Beyond quality of construction, adjustability is essential to long-term comfort when seated in a chair. Corsair claims to have this very well covered too. The seat back reclines and as mentioned above, neck and lumbar support pillows can be adjusted, you can adjust them for position to suit your height.

Corsair has equipped 4-D adjustable arm rests too. How has it added up these four dimensions? Adjustments are available for height, left and right movement, forward and backward position, and some swivelling/turning adjustment. Of course the seat is height adjustable with a (steel crafted class 4) gas lift lever. The same lever works as a tilt lock or can be used to adjust the seat angle by an additional 10 degrees (that's in addition to the reclining function which adjusts between 90 and 180 degrees).

In the UK the Corsair T1 RACE Gaming Chair carries a pretty hefty price tag of £299.99. For that price you get a wide choice of accent and trim colours (yellow, white, blue, red or black) and a 2 year guarantee. Corsair says it's available immediately from the usual Corsair stockists, worldwide.


  • Maximum Seat Height: 42cm
  • Minimum Seat Height: 32cm
  • Maximum Arm Height: 38cm
  • Minimum Arm Height: 28cm
  • Backrest Height: 95cm
  • Backrest Shoulder Width: 56cm

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£300 for “luxurious PU leather”.. not for me
As above. £300, a 2 year warranty and not even full leather. At least they've given me a laugh.
Just checked, I have not gone back 6 weeks to april the 1st.

This is a pile of junk £49 staples chair with a slightly redesigned seat.

Plastic base, standard drop in gas lift, standard wheels.

Not sure where £250 of extras came from!
I'm actually in the market for a new chair. What do people recommend? Don't mind spending 3 figures for something that lasts, the last one wore away at the arm rests and I can feel staples sticking out of it.
So costs, looks and does the exact same as all the other “Gaming” chairs out there? Wonderful…

Kushan, consider one of those chairs designed for 24/7 use, usually in the reception/control room sections of office furniture shops. They usually have the most adjustability and support, while still only costing about £150…