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Rovio's Amazing Alex for iOS and Android coming in July

by Mark Tyson on 29 June 2012, 13:05

Tags: PC

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Angry Birds creators Rovio will release Amazing Alex to games hungry Android and iOS users in July, the company announced on Thursday. Rovio have been milking the success of Angry Birds for what seems like an eternity and have been looking to introduce another cash cow into the stable before interest in Angry Birds falls off the perch. Presumably the in-house development team is suffering from Angry Bird flu induced myopia as Rovio has bought in an IP previously known as Casey’s Contraptions and tweaked then rebranded it as Amazing Alex. It’s a physics puzzler type game.

The game features Heath Robinson contraptions that must be set up and interacted with by the game player to achieve set goals. The goals can be achieved via a number of solutions which can be shared giving this modern version of The Incredible Machine a social aspect.

To enhance its longevity the game will feature a built-in level editor with which you can make your own puzzles making use of 35 built in interactive objects such as catapults, balloons and seesaws. Just like you can share your unique solutions to the pre-set puzzles you will be able to share your own level designs with which to torment your friends. “With other fans constantly creating and uploading new levels, there are always new challenges to check out!” says Rovio.

The teaser video isn’t very revealing so it’s worth having a look at the Casey’s Contraptions video mentioned above to see a bit more action. A Windows (Phone) version will arrive in due course. Will Amazing Alex be a hit of anywhere near Angry Birds proportions?

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I'd love a modern rehash of The Incredible Machine - but I'm on WP7
I'd love a modern rehash of The Incredible Machine - but I'm on WP7

You win some you lose some. People in the know did warn that WP7 had a short shelf life, as the phones weren't upgradeable to WP8.
Agree. WP7 is a gread device. Had Nokia Lumia 800. Mind you, very boring looking and not that many apps. I just didn't see it picking up. Now back to Galaxy S2 and enjoying every day with it. Will only part for Galaxy S3 or some Google phone :)
I loved T.I.M, it was the only game we had installed on the PC's at school, was great to pass the time instead of doing work. Hope this is somewhere near as good as it was.
The Amazing Alex is what could be called mediocre. It looks nice enough, and has the potential to play very well. But the demo, with 16 levels, is so hand holding even a 3 year old would tire of it's simplicity (I'm guessing).

It's most likely that the extra 100 levels or so would be more challenging, but the demo doesn't inspire you to purchase the game. Unlike Angry Birds. The AB demo was fabulously addictive and inpired you to purchase the game (except for Android owners who go it free :) ).

Try the AA demo by all means, but expect to go ‘meh’ and uninstall it afterwards.