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Multiplay Announces €12,000 Counter-Strike: Source Tournament

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London, 1st October 2007: Multiplay - organisers of the largest UK gaming LAN events – have announced their guaranteed prize fund of €12,000 for the Counter-Strike: Source tournament being held at their i32 LAN party in November. With over 80 hours of non-stop gaming, social activities spread across multiple venues and with most of the attendees camping on site, the i-Series events are often described as the "Glastonbury of Gaming". It all takes place over 9th-12th November at Newbury Racecourse, Berkshire, UK.

The Counter-Strike: Source tournament headlines the i32 LAN festival which also sees the Activision sponsored Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Contamination Cup, featuring a €6,000 prize fund.

"This is yet another groundbreaking move for the i-Series" said Craig Fletcher, Managing Director of Multiplay. "The Counter-Strike: Source community have been supporters of the i-Series for a long time, we felt we should run something extra-special to promote Counter-Strike and e-sports in the UK and Europe. A prize fund like this attracts the best players and the most media attention, giving the European gaming scene a platform to showcase on."

The 5v5 Counter-Strike: Source tournament has consistently proven to be Multiplay’s most popular tournament over the past five i-Series events, seeing up to 500 players taking part in each competition. The prize fund is guaranteed and is not linked to how many teams are entered. First prize is €6,000 and free entrance to i33 in spring 2008, second prize €3,000 and third prize of €1,500. The top eight teams in the tournament receive cash prizes, with 8th place taking home €250.

To read more about i32 and the Counter-Strike: Source tournament further information can be found at http://i32.multiplay.co.uk.