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Super Dropzone for GBA Platform - Earn Yourself A Hero's Welcome

Tags: Ignition Entertainment, Shoot 'em up

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WALTHAM ABBEY - 17th March 2003 Ignition Entertainment, a worldwide publisher, developer and distributor of entertainment software has launched a range of games for the Game Boy® Advance platform. A total of nine games have been released all with a very aggressive retail price point of £14.99 inc. VAT.

Super Dropzone, the classic fast action shoot-em-up from Archer Maclean, is now available for Game Boy® Advance. You guide your fast action hero around the varying planet-scapes of Jupiter's four main moons, protecting the last colony of humans mining for vital minerals, from hordes of widely varying aliens - all determined to rid their planets of the human infestation. The battle takes place on the moons of IO, Callisto, Ganymede and the Ice Moon, Europa. Along the way you will encounter dozens of challenging enemies and huge end of level bosses, aided by numerous power ups, special weapons and bonus rounds. If you survive all 50 levels of action you will have earnt the right to be sent home to Earth - or until you feel the need to pick the game up for just one more try!

The Mission
The mission starts on the volcanically active moon of IO. With over ten levels of action you must jet around the moon above the humans on the surface who are collecting vital minerals, and generally keeping the volcanoes from erupting. Easy you might think - except for one thing - Aliens ! They really don't like what you're doing and send in wave upon wave of ever nastier aliens to get rid of you and your buddies. As the action increases you will find the various enemies trying to abduct humans as well as destroy you. Your mission is to rescue them one by one and return them to the relative safety of the Dropzone landing pad at the one and only moon base. The more you can protect the further you will get, but loose them all at your peril because the planet beneath you will become unstable and erupt making your own survival very difficult. Complete all ten levels per planet and you will have to face an end of level planet guardian. Survive that and you will be warped to the next moon. Survive past all four moons and you will begin the final mission into Jupiter itself.

You start off with a jet-pack with basic pulse lasers weaponry, but you can earn a wide range of powerful weapons and Powerups as your progress through the missions before you. You also have the use of a cloaking device to make you semi-indestructible and invisible for short periods of time. On each level you must collect the Bonuses and Powerups to get the special weapons, vital to your survival.

After ten levels of action per moon you get to meet the final planet guardian. If you get past that you will warp on to the next moon. If you defeat all the aliens on all four moons you will end up on Jupiter itself, where you will face one almighty final onslaught and the mother of all planet guardians. If you survive past all of this, you will have earned your reward of being trans-warped back home to our beautiful blue earth, 500 million miles away.

Failure to keep at least one person alive on the surface or in the Dropzone base will result in the volcano stabiliser becoming dysfunctional, causing massive eruptions all over the moonscape and making your survival onto the next moon much more difficult.

The Story
Ten years ago, after the devastating robot wars of 2084 caused mankind to seek out new sources of minerals and fuel on other planets in the solar system, the first source located was on Jupiter's moon IO.

A handful of brave people were despatched to IO to mine the moon and send the valuable minerals back to earth. Shortly after their arrival, a previously unknown alien intelligence on Jupiter decided to destroy the human invaders plundering their moon and so despatched their most hostile fighting machines to wipe them out.

Now, in 2095, they have managed to establish a base on 3 more of Jupiters moons, known as Callisto, Ganymede and the ice moon Europa. They are slowly winning the battle in the hope that they will one day defeat the aliens' command center on Jupiter and return to Earth as heroic space warriors with their valuable cargo.

Super Dropzone is now available in leading retail outlets and on line stockists.