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I33 Gaming Festival Set to Break UK Attendance Record

Tags: Multiplay, PC, Xbox 360, PS3

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Press release

Southampton, 22nd February 2008: Multiplay, organisers of the largest UK gaming events, have announced that they will break their own record for most participants at a UK LAN, currently standing at 1,400 players. The record is due to be broken during their i33 gaming festival taking place 21st – 24th March in Newbury, UK.

The Bring Your Own computer portion of the event has sold out all of its tickets a month ahead of the event, making it the fastest selling event Multiplay have ever run. 1,582 gamers have bought tickets allowing them to bring their own PC down to Newbury Racecourse for a marathon gaming session lasting more than 80 hours.

“This is yet another milestone for the i-Series” said Craig Fletcher, Managing director of Multiplay “i33 is a further step in our ongoing mission to make Europe’s biggest, brightest and most exciting gaming scene. Our current record is held by last years Easter event but i33 has already broken that by a long way. It’s shaping up to be a great weekend.”

There are still “Turn Up and Play” tickets available, allowing gamers to play in certain tournaments without the need to bring their own PC along. Visitor passes for the enormous exhibition, finals arena and other parts of the festival are also still available for both pre-booking and purchase on the day.