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Cheggars plays podcast today!

Tags: Cheggars Party Quiz, Oxygen Interactive, PC, PS2, Wii, Simulation

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Press release

Wednesday 14th November/... Keith Chegwin today releases the first of his hilarious podcasts to tie-in with the release of his first video game, Cheggers Party Quiz. The loveable TV showman will chatting away to all who download his podcast with tales on life, video gaming and his colourful career, in his own unique style.

The podcast can be downloaded from itunes as well as other various podcasting syndicates. It can also be streamed from YouTube as well as being available from Oxygen’s own website.

Cheggers Party Quiz successfully launched on 26th October on PC and PlayStation®2, and will launch on Wii 7th December. Families up and down the country are pitting their wits against one another to see who knows as much as Cheggers when it comes to the world of entertainment.


The first Cheggers podcast is available now at various online outlets including iTunes and the Oxygen website. Fans can download this and the forthcoming weekly instalments for free and can be listened to on portable MP3 players and iPods, or even through your home PC.


This week’s first wacky episode features Cheggers chatting about his time on Swap Shop and Cheggers Plays Pop, where a host of unbelievable anecdotes were born, including the time he nearly got arrested for ‘swapping’ stolen goods, the time 7,000 children accidently saw his behind and the trials and tribulations of working with smoking and drinking kids.


For more information about Cheggers Party Quiz or to download the podcast, go to:

To listen to the podcast, go to: or


To download the podcast for free onto an MP3 player and subscribe to the weekly cast, please go to iTunes.

For an RSS feed for the podcast please use: