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Thermaltake X1 RGB Cherry MX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Las Vegas, United States – January 11th, 2018 – Thermaltake, a leading brand in eSport gaming peripherals, today announced a new addition to its keyboard line, the X1 RGB Cherry MX Silver Speed/Blue Switch Mechanical Gaming Keyboard at the Venetian Hotel Veronese 2402 Suite from January 9th (Tue) to 12th (Fri). The new product equipped with the latest Cherry MX Speed Silver Switch, offers gamers super short reaction times; furthermore, it packed with features like pre-configured FPS1, FPS2, RTS, MMO, MOBA lighting zones, full anti-ghosting, n-key rollover, on-the-fly macro recording, audio and USB pass through, that offers maximum customization to suit the ever demanding needs of today’s enthusiasts. For comfort level, X1 RGB Cherry MX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard features a detachable magnetic wrist rest for maximum ergonomic comfort during periods of long play. Other than powerful functions, the new keyboard delivers 16.8 million of true RGB color illumination with 12 dynamic, including sound and system temperature control lighting effects for a truly enhanced gaming atmosphere. Best yet, it is fully TT RGB Sync compatible, meaning users will be able to sync all RGB colors seamlessly to all Thermaltake compatible product lines for even greater color coordination. Finally, the X1 RGB comes with a unique smartphone/tablet app that features unique Voice Recognition Command for lighting functions, in-app light and macro setting adjustment. The app also features an exclusively patented designed (VGC) Virtual Game Controller for a truly astounding mobile gaming experience.

Further information from Thermaltake at CES 2018 is available on our dedicated CES 2018 website:

Features of Thermaltake X1 RGB Cherry MX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard:


Designed for speed, the X1 RGB Cherry MX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard provides smooth linear actuation with both lower actuation point (1.2mm) and total distance travelled (3.4mm) than its other colored counterparts, resulting in lighting fast response with each key press. In addition to this, the Cherry MX switches come with a 50-million click lifespan for maximum durability. A Cherry MX Blue Switch Edition of the X1 RGB Cherry MX Gaming Keyboard will also be available. 


Stunning 16.8 million RGB color illumination under keys provide the brightest visibility and eye-catching style for your gaming session. Take it a step further and choose between 12 different lighting effect settings – Static, Pulse, Rainbow Wave, Spiral Rainbow, Spectrum Cycling, Reactive, Flow, Ripple, Raindrops, Snake Marquee, Sound Control, System Temperature - coupled with 5 individual levels of brightness and lighting speed to provide maximum color customization tailored to your style. In addition, users can add extra flare with the provision of 8 additional red keycaps (Q, W, E, R, A, S, D, F) and keycap puller for maximum customization. 


Take control of your colors and sync seamlessly with all Thermaltake TT RGB Sync compatible product lines. These include the: Thermaltake iRGB Plus Power Supply, Riing Plus 12 / 14 RGB Radiator Fan, Pacific W4 Plus CPU Water Block, Pacific V-GTX 1080Ti Plus Transparent (ASUS ROG), Pacific V-GTX 1080Ti Plus Transparent (MSI GAMING X), Pacific PR22-D5 Plus, Pacific RL360 Plus RGB Radiator, Floe Riing RGB 360 TT Premium Edition, Floe Riing RGB 280 TT Premium Edition, Floe Riing RGB 240 TT Premium Edition, Pacific Lumi Plus LED Strip. X1 RGB Cherry MX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard also features an exclusively design voice controlled AI which enables users to gain access to all light functions: color, effects, speed, and brightness with easy-to-use voice recognition commands for a truly hands free gaming experience, without interruption. In addition to this, users can also set light and macro functions in-app, which also features an exclusive patented designed (VGC) virtual gaming controller mode for gaming over a wireless connection with your smartphone/tablet device to your PC system via the X1 RGB. 


The new Keyboard comes with pre-configured game genre lighting zone illuminations: FPS1, FPS2, MMO, MOBA, and RTS for that all-important gaming advantage during gameplay. Furthermore, gamers can also customize their own unique custom lighting zones to effortlessly enhance their gaming experience in a way that is truly unique for them.


Control sound levels on-the-fly and access multimedia controls with ease using the conveniently placed dedicated controls. The addition of an in-built audio and USB pass through on the new keyboard provides easy access and convenience to audio jack and USB port without having to go behind your system.


Included with the X1 RGB Cherry MX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is an ergonomic magnetic wrist rest that easily snaps into place at the front of the keyboard to ensure comfort is maximized, no matter how long you game.


Customize with the powerful gaming software and take control of the most expansive set of macros and personalization options. Give yourself full control to program multiple keystrokes to a single key, change backlighting effects with intuitive keyboard commands or set with easy to quick launch custom game profiles.

Thermaltake X1 RGB Cherry MX Speed Silver Switch Mechanical Gaming Keyboard suggested price of USD 139.99

Thermaltake X1 RGB Cherry MX Blue Switch Mechanical Gaming Keyboard suggested price of USD 129.99

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