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Reachin to release Quake4 HaptX Multiplayer Mod for the Novint Falcon

Tags: FPS

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Press release

Stockholm, Sweden January 22, 2008 - Reachin Technologies is pleased to announce that its Quake4 HaptX Multiplayer Mod for the Novint Falcon will be available to the public as of February 11th. The HaptX Mod promises to raise adrenaline levels to new heights with intense online combat providing unique physical recoils and characteristics of all the weapons in the hands of the gamer. The player will also be able to feel the direction of enemy bullets and explosions, including the ability to physically feel the damage inflicted by the Gauntlet weapon for those up-close personal attacks.

The Novint Falcon has won numerous awards worldwide including IGN’s BEST OF E3: GEAR AWARD, and is an entirely new type of game controller. By replacing the mouse or joystick, the Falcon is, essentially, a small robot that lets the player physically experience the game through the sense of touch unlike any controller in history.

The HaptX Quake4 Mod will be available for free, but requires a valid Quake4 installation and a Novint Falcon. The HaptX Mod will be available for download through www.haptx.com and www.novint.com. Videos on HaptX enabled games are available at: http://www.haptx.com/games/index.aspx.

Experience HaptX® at GDC!

HaptX will be exhibited and displayed to the industry at GDC in San Francisco, February 18 – 22, booth 6709 NH. Please contact Director of Sales, Mike Moshayof (mike.moshayof@haptx.com) to make an appointment or please feel free just to stop by.

About HaptX® - www.haptx.com - HaptX is a state of the art Haptics Engine, which through specialized hardware such as the Novint Falcon (www.novint.com) enables gamers to physically feel their gameplay. With HaptX players can feel effects such as explosions, gravity, recoils from weapons as well as the details of individual objects such as surface textures, material characteristics and even weight. HaptX also provides the ability for the player to physically experience and interact with the game in genuine 3D, including the ability to touch and feel the top, bottom or the back side of objects within the game. HaptX integrates seamlessly with existing game and physics engines and presents a revolutionary new and exciting gaming experience.