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QOTW: Which is the most visually stunning computer game?

by Parm Mann on 29 May 2015, 16:31

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Alright, now this is a tricky question because, well, how do you define a visually stunning game? Is it just one that looks pretty? One that looked pretty for its time? A game with visuals like nothing you'd seen before? Or maybe even a particular theme or fantasy world that truly captured your imagination?

Lots of variables, but irrespective of age or platform, there are certain games that make/made you look on in wonder and think "wow, that looks immense." So let's share and relive those moments by asking, what is the most visually stunning computer game of all time? It's an accolade that many a developer would be proud to attain, so share your nominations using the comments facility below.

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Vegetation in Crysis 3 was amazing imo
Having played most triple A stuff, best looking game to this date award definitely goes to witcher 3! Pushing it to new level even if individual components of it is not THE BEST, but as overall package it is best looking game imo.

I however cannot say that witcher has had the biggest impact on me, since to me the graphical leap of Half life 2 was much greater than the minor changes to graphics in last 7 years or so…
Played cod black ops and NFS:HPS 2010 in my friends computer and we both were like “WOW”
The first COD Modern Warfare game on PC, Donkey Kong Country on Snes, Crysis on PC, Far Cry 3 on PC, they were all memorably stunning at the time.
At the moment..hmm difficult, i'll go with Crysis 3.
Sacred 2 - not for anything all that great regarding the game, per se, but for this -


For 2008, this was pure epic. Otherwise, I'm going to go with Skyrim, especially with the mods out there.