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QOTW: What did you get for Christmas?

by Tarinder Sandhu on 26 December 2014, 16:30


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Christmas has come and gone, so we hope you're all enjoying whatever presents you might have unwrapped earlier this week. What we want to know is, were there any standout gadgets among your prezzies?

If so, let us know what you got - and whether or not it's what you wanted - using the comments below.

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Money but with said money and a little saving I got myself a GTX 970, Factual Design Define R5 and a be quiet dark rock pro 3
I'm a parent, so I got nothing but a fairly hefty credit card bill :D
I'm a parent, so I got nothing but a fairly hefty credit card bill :D

:wallbash: Same here :help:
New machine heads for classical guitar (look superb!), DRLs for the car, some good 100% agave gold tequila.

Xmas prezzie from me to me is an Ikea Fredrik desk which I've modified to standing desk position, plus a tall bar stool to use with it when I want to sit down. Saves faffing with the whole two height position thing - everything is tall.

Got some Next vouchers too so might fight my way through the hordes tomorrow.
Got the Oneplus One from my grandparents (albeit a little bit before Christmas, but it was their present to me), xbox one and a couple of really nice jumpers.

Bought myself an NZXT H440 which I'll be installing withing the next few months when I have the money to go for an R9 290 and a new motherboard + CPU.