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Toy Golf - Gizmondo

by Nick Haywood on 6 May 2005, 00:00

Tags: Gizmondo, Sports

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FIRST LOOK: Toy Golf – Gizmondo

FIRST LOOK: Toy Golf – Gizmondo

Gizmondo have launched Toy Golf, a nine-hole, fun-filled crazy golf game, for their handheld entertainment device.

Toy Golf takes a different swing at indoor golfing with the resulting mix looking somewhat like Micro Machines, but with balls.... The nine different courses are set about a virtual house and each of the nine holes per course sets a challenge that's well above par.

Try for Eagles in the loft, Birdies in the bathroom, Bogeys in the kitchen and putt your way through a number of other indoor locations in this golf game of a different perspective.

As well as the testing single player mode, a Bluetooth-connected multiplayer mode uses the multiple camera angles to size up the shots and view angles.

Toy Golf is available to buy or order online for £9.99 through all Gizmondo stockists.

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Looks quite decent
And for a tenner !