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PURE EVOKE-1S Marshall digital radio review

by Parm Mann on 4 August 2010, 08:09 4.0

Tags: EVOKE-1S Marshall, PUREDigital

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Thoughts and rating

Fortunately, the features that are included are implemented particularly well. Users familiar with existing EVOKE radios should feel right at home with the 1S Marshall.

When powered up, the radio automatically retrieves the correct date and time and then quickly scans for all available DAB stations; picking up close to 50 here in Shropshire.

It's delightfully simple, and stations can then be selected by twisting and pressing the right-hand dial. 30 DAB/FM presets are available, five of which can be quickly accessed by the front-facing one-touch buttons, and Planet Rock is pre-configured as preset one. Don't worry, it can be changed in favour of a station that's a little more sedate.

Information is relayed via a bright, crisp OLED display that provides an adequate 128x22 pixel resolution and can be automatically dimmed based on ambient light conditions. More importantly, the scary red-on-black lettering featured on the old 1XT Marshall has been changed for a more subtle yellow-on-black colour scheme this time around.

And, although the display isn't large enough to incorporate a digital EPG, it does provide Intellitext and textSCAN functionality, allowing the user to store and scroll through text information from broadcasters.

Rounding off what's an admittedly-slim feature list is a built-in alarm and a kitchen timer, both of which are accessible via a dedicated button.

The Verdict

At £120, the PURE EVOKE-1S Marshall is undoubtedly a pricey prospect. Other radios - including older models from PURE itself - offer more frills and features for less.

But there's a good chance they won't be as fun. Offering cool looks, warm sounds and a red-hot sense of rock 'n' roll, the EVOKE-1S Marshall manages to stand out through desirability.

And, if straight-forward playback of all your favourite DAB stations is what you're after, the EVOKE-1S Marshall does it with a playful grin that never grows old.

The Good

Killer looks
Easy to use
Punchy sound
Goes up to eleven

The Bad

No equaliser
Stereo sound is optional

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PURE EVOKE-1S Marshall

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PURE EVOKE-1S Marshall

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The PURE EVOKE-1S Marshall is available to pre-order from HMV.com at a cost of £119.99

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This does look like it'd rock.

But yellow on black less scary?! There's a reason wasps are yellow and black!
The original one came down to around £40 last year but I never bought it in the end. Perhaps if this new model falls to a nicer price in a year or so I might be more tempted.