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Review: Scythe Kama Bay Speaker - a £15 solution that does the trick

by Parm Mann on 5 July 2008, 08:02

Tags: Kama Bay Speaker, Scythe

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Final thoughts

We originally wondered if the Kama Bay Speaker can actually become a useful speaker-solution for the PC. Well, yes it can, though, perhaps only in addition to a second set of speakers. On our test system, we utilised both the Kama Bay Speaker, and a set of Creative's 5.1 Megaworks.

Over the past week, we've found that for the majority of the time, the Kama Bay Speaker does the required job; it provides basic-but-decent sound when browsing the web and carrying out day-to-day tasks. Let's face it, who needs 5.1 audio when watching YouTube videos or working in Microsoft Word?

Begin to do something a little more taxing, such as music or movie playback, and the Kama Bay will undoubtedly show its limits. You will need an additional set of external speakers if multimedia sound really matters.

Nonetheless, at £15, we find it difficult to truly fault Scythe's Kama Bay Speaker. It's an ideal solution for users seeking a clutter-free method of achieving simple sound. Similarly, it could prove mighty useful to users who require portability - a Kama Bay Speaker in your gaming rig could save you the trouble of lugging around your speakers.

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Official Scythe Kama Bay Speaker website

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Certainly an interesting product.

I like how it's marketed as stereo, which it is - you'll get sound from both left and right channels - but in terms of positioning, the speakers are so close together that it won't work.

Also, the market might not have much room for this, given that the vast majority of LCD monitors have internal speakers.

But for £15, somebody's going to buy it.
Indeed. A potentially useful product for a lot of people IF the sound provided is superior to in-built speakers in LCD monitors. This sort of product might be perfect for my sister's computer as the lack of power and tinnyness(sp?,word?) of the LCD speakers leave her with headphones for almost all multimedia playback. Not much use if you want to kick back and watch a film at uni. However, real quality would not be hugely important, just suitable, audible multimedia playback.

…/me goes in search of more reviews - interested :P
This'll come in handy for people with big surround sound sytems like I have that use a lot of power, I could just turn off my 5.1 system when I'm not watching movies or listening to music and still have sound for Messenger and web browsing. A good power saver.
I have an idea for space saving surround sound:

monitor speakers for front centre speaker.
kama bay in desktop case under monitor for front left/right.
kama bay in NAS pc which is placed behind you for rear left/right - run audio cable the same way as the network cable, trunking(?)

voila, space saving 5 channel surround sound on a £30 quid budget..

feel free to test this out and add a page to the review..:stupid:
stevie lee;1463308
kama bay in NAS pc which is placed behind you for rear left/right

thats not space saving! :laugh: