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Motorola temporarily lists the 3rd generation 2015 Moto G

by Mark Tyson on 24 July 2015, 13:13

Tags: Motorola (NYSE:MSI)

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Motorola has a special 'Find your Match' event planned for next Tuesday in New York City. What will be launched there? It has been more-or-less confirmed that the 3rd generation Moto G will feature at the event, thanks to a publishing button slip-up by Motorola's web hairdressers. Furthermore several key factoids have been let out of the bag.

Yesterday the Moto Maker page for the new Motorola smartphone was published for a short time before it was taken down. Happily a Reddit user took a screenshot (I've sliced it in two, as seen above and below). The specific Moto Maker link is now redirecting the Moto homepage. The phone in question, as you can see, is the Moto G (2015). This will represent the third generation of this popular handset.

The amount of colour permutations you will be able to 'Moto-make' is huge; with two choices of front bezel colour, 10 rear housing colours, 10 accent colours and five optional flipshells to choose from. Promotional text on the page, but not captured in the screenshot, read "The new Moto G exactly the way you want it. Choose your front and back colours, storage and memory, and more".

As well as listing oodles of colouring options for the upcoming smartphone, the Moto Maker page confirms key specs such as the device coming equipped with up to 2GB of RAM and it being made available in 16GB and 8GB storage versions. From the way the memory information is presented it looks like for the 2GB RAM version you will have to stump up for 16GB of built-in storage, while the 8GB device may well remain a 1GB RAM smartphone.

A few more morsels of Moto G information was delivered via a Brazilian video (Portuguese language). The video, embedded above, appears to have been released by Brazil's Americanas.com, a major retailer in that country. Even with my severely limited Portuguese I can see from the video that the 3rd generation Moto G will likely offer; an HD screen of 5-inches in diagonal, a quad core processor, 4G, all day battery life, the latest Android OS, water resistance, IPX7 certification, a 13MP main camera with LED flash, a 5MP selfie camera, microSD card support (up to 32GB), and dual-SIM options.

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Moto G set a trend in the midrange smartphones! But this year they face lot of competition. Lets wait and see whether they'll be able to repeat the success of their previous versions .
You'd think with all these “Leaks” and “Accidental listings” that tech companies would either lock down on their security and other protocols or just quit calling them leaks and start calling them “staged media stunts” because I really don't think any of these postings that happen are ever really “leaked.”
Moto G set a trend in the midrange smartphones! But this year they face lot of competition.

Which competition? Mediatek trash?! lol
The Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 is the obvious competitor over here, but yes, some of the Asian upstarts and lesser-knowns are now genuine competitors at most points in the market, from the OnePlus One (and soon Two) and Huawei models down to the cheap Chinese budget phones. Not always as available here as they could be, but they are still viable options for budget buyers wanting a lot of smartphone on the cheap.

It's great to see some truly excellent low-midrange budget smartphones now. It's come a long way from the horrible budget smartphones pre-Moto G. Really the only thing missing from most of the lower end is a decent camera.
If I ever get around to buying a smartphone, something like this would be a prime contender.

I wouldn't be looking for dirt cheap, but I certainly wouldn't be looking for premium either. What I would be looking for is decent spec and performance at a reasonable price, and some peace of mind from buying a good name, with local availability, by which I mean my local Argos, Carphone Warehouse, or whatever, not some bloke importing Chinese clones and flogging them on eBay. No doubt there's a market for that, but it isn't me. Putting that another way, I'd be interested in good value for money over cheap pricing.

So, IF I were to buy a smartphone, then depending on price and spec, and quite where it's positioned, a new MotoG might well be high on the list. But it is still quite a big “if”.
My Moto G 2nd Gen stomps the few chinese phones that I have had recently(UMI Hammer, eMAX, Elephone P7000, Huawei Honor 3c). The build quality along with the support and warranty outweight anything eles. Running nicely on Titan Prime 1.1.1 and Stellar Kernel 5.0