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Black Friday deals to hit the U.K. - 60% off some items!

by Steven Williamson on 15 November 2010, 12:37

Tags: Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN)

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Every year, towards the end of November, millions of shoppers on the other side of the Atlantic take advantage of the massive savings offered by retailers around ‘Black Friday’, the discount shopping day that follows Thanksgiving in America. Now, Amazon.co.uk is bringing those deals to the UK with ‘Black Friday Deals Week’, five days of high discount, limited time, limited quantity offers culminating on ‘Black Friday’ (26th November).

Offers on Amazon.co.uk will take the form of ‘Lightning Deals’ with a limited quantity of an item being offered at a discount for a short period of time. Once that quantity has been reached or the time limit elapses, the ‘Lightning Deal’ will end. There will be more than 200 great deals available over the five day period including:

- Over 60% off Nintendo Wii Consoles
- Over 60% off Flip Mino High Definition Camcorders
- Over 60% off Microsoft Xbox consoles
- Canon PowerShot Cameras at less than half price
- Over 60% off Eternity Moment Eau de Parfum
- Over 70% off Pearl Necklaces
- Sony TVs at half price
- Coronation Street Golden Anniversary Collection DVD at less than half price

“The deals will come thick and fast so customers are advised to check back regularly for significant discounts on items across all product categories,” continued Brian McBride.

The actions kicks off on November 22, 2010.

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Wow those are some amazing offers, just in time for Christmas as well. I hope Amazon UK can handle the poop ton of traffic that will be coming their way.
- Coronation Street Golden Anniversary Collection DVD at less than half price

I'm so all over this!
Damn - No PS3 - already got Xbox and not that interested in a Wii but would like a PS3 for Bluray…
Sony TVs at half price

And then take off the VAT… very interesting!

I love globalisation :)